About Me

Over the past twelve years, my journey in the administrative industry has been marked by working with several busy individuals in high-pressure roles. My efforts have not only granted them more time in their days but also alleviated the burden of overwhelming workloads, all while enhancing efficiency and offering assistance precisely when needed.

Shortly after finishing college, I embarked on my professional career as a secretary at my local Chamber of Commerce. Subsequently, I successfully obtained the role of Personal Assistant to the CEO of a specialised training company catering to administrative professionals.

After five years, I was promoted to the role of Executive Assistant within the same organisation. It was during this time that I noticed the growing demand among families and small businesses for adept administrative support. Hence, I decided to establish myself as a Virtual Assistant, eager to extend my expertise to businesses worldwide. Along this journey, I’ve created a network of business associates and dependable service providers.

Located in West Sussex, I offer the flexibility to work remotely from my home office or locally onsite, adapting to the unique requirements of my clients. Approachability, initiative, and discretion are integral to my work ethic, complemented by exemplary communication skills. Whether it’s managing emails, handling phone calls, crafting web content, or any other task, rest assured it will be executed with precision and diligence.